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Health Campus welcomes two new residents

The Italian biotech company InSilicoTrials and the Belgian-Dutch Delta Healthcare Consulting will establish themselves in Limburg in the near future. POM Limburg brings two new residents to the Health Campus in Diepenbeek. The arrival of these two players once again strengthens the ecosystem.

The Italian company InSilicoTrials offers a cloud platform to pharmaceutical companies, generating simulations in the development of new drugs. InSilicoTrials currently employs about 20 people and has branches in Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States. With its fourth location at the Health Campus – employing five people – InSilicoTrials aims to establish new collaborations with companies. The Belgian-Dutch Delta Healthcare Consulting, with about thirteen employees, currently operates from Willebroek but will relocate five individuals to the Health Campus. Delta supports clinical studies for the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. The latter can hire a study coordinator from them. Furthermore, Delta is a market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands in home visits for clinical studies.

InSilicoTrials is currently collaborating with the biomedical company Rejuvenate Biomed, which develops drugs to delay the onset of aging symptoms. Rejuvenate will utilize InSilicoTrials’ cloud platform to conduct some simulations. It is these types of collaborations that convinced the new residents to establish themselves in Limburg. CEO Luca Emili stated, “We chose the Health Campus to establish new connections with a wide range of stakeholders and to innovate the future of healthcare. The campus’s focus on new technological developments and digital solutions provides an ideal testbed for our software platform.” CEO Geert Briers of Delta Healthcare is also pleased: “For our second location, we specifically chose the Health Campus because of its ambitious plans and the many opportunities for collaboration.”

The arrival of the two residents boosts the growing ecosystem of the Health Campus. Deputy for Economy and chairman of POM Limburg Tom Vandeput said, “The tally is now at seven new players confirming their arrival at the campus, and InSilicoTrials is the third international one. These companies don’t decide on their locations lightly. The innovative environment we create and the strong healthcare ecosystem we build at the Health Campus play a crucial role in our persuasiveness. With their services, InSilicoTrials and Delta once again complement our ecosystem nicely.”

In the short term, InSilicoTrials and Delta Healthcare will establish themselves in the health incubator BioVille. This year, the incubator will expand by 2,000 m2.


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