Health Campus Limburg

Epicenter of innovation in healthcare

Health Campus Limburg is building the future of healthcare by stimulating collaborations, entrepreneurship, innovation and valorization. As such, we work towards a more qualitative healthcare system.

Community is key

The Campus functions as a magnet for companies, health and welfare providers, research and education. We are strongly committed to establish communities between these players. By doing so, we stimulate ties between business and governments, education, health institutions, care and welfare providers and citizens. Consequently, Health Campus Limburg will emerge as a hotspot to do business, to innovate and study.


To realize
Long term

Today, there are already many life sciences activities at Health Campus Limburg. Among other things, there are research organizations specialized in biomedical research, rehabilitation sciences and data science. In addition, Bioville is the dynamic center for healthcare activities on the Campus. In the years to come, Health Campus Limburg will emphasize the development of Campus Diepenbeek as a hotspot for life sciences even more.

In 2023, the construction of the Campus’ inspiration and innovation hub will start. Interaction between business, knowledge institutions and healthcare are key. Shared facilities, including rooms for training, rooms for research and collaboration and meeting places such as a restaurant, are the core of this meeting hub.

At the same time, we are developing 15.000m² of business space, consisting of both office space and specialized labs. We respond to your companies needs, going from meeting rooms to cleanrooms, as much as possible through a modular approach.

All this will take place in a renewed Campus environment, which will be easily accessible, green and pleasant to work and study. In this way, the Health Campus will also become a Healthy Campus.

In the long run, we will provide even more growth space for companies and research institutions. Health Campus Limburg will thus be a cornerstone of the Diepenbeek Masterplan. Care to find out more. Please contact POM Limburg.

Focus of Health Campus Limburg

In the context of this vision, the Health Campus Limburg develops activities to support important processes and transitions in the health system. The Founding Partners are currently identifying the following key points.

Health Campus Limburg focuses on, on the one hand, facilitating projects within the quadruple helix that connect with the healthcare sector, knowledge institutions, government and business.

On the other hand, we are committed to attracting and supporting research-oriented economic activity and companies to strengthen the (health) economic fabric of the province as a path to Limburg as a leading healthcare laboratory.

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