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Biotech Company Rejuvenate moves to Diepenbeek

POM Limburg is bringing biomed company Rejuvenate Biomed to the Health Campus in Diepenbeek. The company is opening a new branch there and plans to recruit an additional 25 profiles over the next five years.

Biomedical company Rejuvenate Biomed, with locations in Heusden-Zolder and Beerse, develops drugs to slow down or prevent age-related diseases. Currently, Rejuvenate employs ten workers. In addition to its Belgian branch, the company also collaborates with laboratories in Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.

Rejuvenate is seeking new talent and wants to create local opportunities for this purpose. Hence, the company is opening a new branch on the Health Campus, from where it plans to hire 25 new highly skilled profiles over the next five years. These include scientists, laboratory analysts, engineers, biomedical experts, physicians, and statisticians. Founder and CEO of Rejuvenate Biomed, Dr. Ann Beliën, stated, “On the Health Campus, we can further expand our company. As a Limburg-based enterprise, we are particularly proud to contribute to the future alongside companies such as Anima Research Center, Amador Bioscience, and Clinitude. By uniting in Diepenbeek, we can offer local talent professional opportunities, spanning the entire drug development process: from the laboratory to the patient. Moreover, recent graduates will have the opportunity to further develop themselves on the campus. Additionally, the location is a significant asset. Thanks to its position at the intersection with the Netherlands and Germany, the campus serves as a strategically important hub, aiming for collaborations with international companies and cross-border knowledge institutions.”

Rejuvenate has been collaborating with BIOMED, the Biomedical Research Institute of UHasselt, on aging research for some time. In the future, they will also share laboratory facilities in BioVille. Piet Stinissen, Dean of Medicine and Life Sciences at UHasselt, said, “We are delighted that Rejuvenate will further develop itself in Diepenbeek. Our UHasselt biomedical researchers already closely collaborate with Ann Beliën’s Rejuvenate team. The company strengthens our growing Health Campus ecosystem and offers additional job opportunities for UHasselt life sciences students.”

Rejuvenate’s arrival at the Health Campus in Diepenbeek aligns with POM Limburg’s ambitions to build a strong ecosystem around healthcare. Tom Vandeput, Deputy for Economy and Chairman of POM Limburg, stated, “The Health Campus will be the epicenter of innovation and digitization in healthcare, both in Flanders and beyond.” Rejuvenate is the fourth campus resident and thus contributes to strengthening the position of the new campus. “In addition to attracting key international players such as Amador Bioscience, we want to offer all opportunities to growing companies from our own province. Rejuvenate is a perfect example of this. The combination of strong international companies and young companies with great potential will only benefit the ecosystem,” emphasized Tom Vandeput. The first building of the Health Campus is set to open its doors in 2023.


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